IR35 legislation came on board on the 6th of April 2017, many Nurses and health care professionals came together in agreement to protest against the unfair application of this legislation by staying off work for two weeks. This occasion gave rise to the birth of Healthcare Professionals Union, to serve the interest of all Nurses and other Allied healthcare professionals against unfair and unjust policies and regulations, and to protect the right of its members in work places. We reached out to many likeminded organisations...

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What We Do

Some of the typical activities of HCP Union include:

Representing our members is one of our major jobs. Our representatives form a bond between members and the union and provide backing to them at their workplace.

Our union representatives negotiate and deal with employers when workers are unhappy with their salary or with the working conditions.

We raise awareness about issues concerning our members and fight for their rights by using campaigning.

HCP Union is proud to be associated with helping workers fight for equal rights and fairness at their workplace.

At HCPU we believe in working together to make health care more accessible, improving patient care, and protecting the rights of all workers to earn decent wages and benefits and feel secure within the system.

Hours of work

Satisfied Members

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  • ‘I'd join HCP Union again in a heartbeat. I became a member because I wanted to campaign with like-minded doctors and staff to defend and promote a high-quality medical workforce. I’m so glad I joined.’

    Jackie McKenzie Brunel University
  • ‘We know we have the unions’ support when we need it and that is what matters the most.’

    Geoffrey Phillip Northern School of Pharmacy
  • ‘It’s what the union does for you. I was introduced to HCPU by a colleague and have been a proud member for years.’

    Kelly Hudson Centre for Mental Health
  • ‘HCPU is an outstanding organisation. I love the staff and website. They have always been so helpful. I love being a part of it.’

    Marissa Louis Barts Hospital

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